Shamsi Art Gallery 

Shamsi Art Gallery is an online contemporary art gallery, specialising in limited edition fine art, abstract art, calligraphy, 
painting and canvas prints.

Shamsi Art Gallery is based in Germany and was formed and established by Dr. Rouja Shamsi Rafati in 2019 to provide a platform first for her artists parents and afterwards for both established and upcoming artists in Germany to display their original art online. After graduating from Paris Business School with a Doctoral Degree in the field of Brand Management, she worked for different international companies in Germany and managed complex marketing, sales and PR activities. Finally in 2015 she launched her own business and established a Speakers Agency in Hanover/Germany. Growing up in an Iranian artist family, her passion for entrepreneurship, as well as her conviction that online technologies could make the art market more open to all, led her to take the plunge and start Shamsi Art Gallery in 2019. She now focusses on the Gallery’s international expansion, strategy, as well as building up the marketing and communications team.

„Our goal is to enable everyone to have access to high-quality art. 

Art is Life. We hope you enjoy Shamsi Art Gallery!“

                                                                                    Dr. Rouja Shamsi Rafati 


Try the artwork out at home or office for free for 14 days

You have 14 days to find the perfect spot for your artwork. 

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