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Abolghasem Shamsi / Master of Calligraphy / 1950 / Langerood

                 "My calligraphs are the records of my moments of love with this Art."

Master Shamsi depicts the dance of reed pen in his calligraphies with a wonderful skill resulted from tremendous love and years of practice and experience. He puts words and letters together and continues to infinity to create an unseen mysterious spiritual reign. Hands of Master Shamsi hasten from past to present with a tender harmony to his soul. They replicate the letters with creative trance and ecstasy on white canvas and make them dance to the melody of universe.

Master Shamsi writes, mixes, and explores the mathematics hidden in the spirit of universe. What remains on the canvas is a window to the hidden mysteries of the world, and inky movement of particles of material and spiritual universe.

Works of Master Shamsi lead us to the shocking mysterious depth of universe organs. It is through this presentation that we feel the happiness flowing in the essence of universe and discover the mysterious relationship of universe and our existence.

As he himself says, Master Shamsi writes amorously, and believes his calligraphies as passionate songs. He claims that he has experienced all different aspects of this art and for years he has been presenting Iranian spirit of calligraphy to the world.

From the early years of my elementary school, I found myself interested in calligraphy art and I discovered a very deep connection between my hands and eyes, and this beautiful art. I became a teenager and then I became young, and this sense of deep and lovable connection was always with me. As a result of this connection, after graduating in Political Sciences in 1981, and return from India to Iran, I started to learn Calligraphy Skills and Principles very seriously in Shiraz, land of Hafiz and Saadi.

I have been a member of Calligraphy Societies of Shiraz, Langerood, Lahijan, Tehran, and Abadan for some years. I have also worked as teacher of Calligraphy Art in Universities of Shiraz and Abadan. During my residence abroad, I continued to teach this art in the Oriental Studies Department of Netherlands.

I believe that Calligraphy, like Poetry and Music and other Arts, has no borders and does not belong to a specific language; therefore, besides membership in Art and Culture Centers in Germany, I have been teaching calligraphy and have participated in several Calligraphy Galleries in different cities of Germany since 1997.

A collection of my works under the title of “Nagh-e Digar” (meaning Alternative Pattern) was published in 2004. I calligraphed eighty for Sonnets of Hafiz translated into German by Friedrich Rückert in Persian. It has been published by Goethe and Hafiz Publications in Bonn – Germany in bilingual form.

Farideh Barazandeh / Painter / 1955 / Abadan

"I have been infused with a love of art from very early on."

Farideh Barazandeh is an established Iranian painter based in Germany whose works have been exhibited in India, Austria, Germany and the UK. She composes works in a range of styles - from conceptual still lifes to close-up portraits of humans, animals and rich realist landscapes, and seeks to achieve an elegant aesthetic across each approach and subject.

Collective Galleries

2004 / Collaborative Gallery Farideh Barazandeh (Painter) / Wuppertal, Germany
From 2005 on / Membership in “Lauenau Künstler Schaumburger” Society of Artists and holding two individual and collective galleries annually / Lauenau, Germany
2006 / Collaborative Gallery Farideh Barazandeh (Painter) / Wuppertal, Germany
2008 / Collaborative Gallery Farideh Barazandeh (Painter) / City Library of Hannover, Germany
From 2008 on / Membership in Society of Artists of Rintlen, Germany, and holding two collective galleries annually in cooperation with City Council
2010 / Collaborative Gallery Farideh Barazandeh (Painter) / Garbsen, Germany
2004 / Collaborative Gallery Farideh Barazandeh (Painter) named “Together and One for the Other” Germany
2013- 2014 / Collaborative Gallery Farideh Barazandeh (Painter) / Hannover, Germany


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