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Bring Art Into Your Office

The Advantages Of Buying Art For Your Business

Bring Your Offices To Life

Enhance Your Company's Image

Benefit From Free Commission

Works of art help to stimulate your team's creativity and create a pleasant and welcoming working environment.

Works of art help to inject personality into your offices and can help give you a more dynamic company image.

Your selection communicates your values in an original way to your customers and partners.

 All of our personalised services & advices are free of commission. 

A Tailored Solution

1. First Step

Our head of sales will get in touch with you by phone or by email and take note of your requirements and budget

2. Personilised Brief

Our art advisor will work with you to create a brief which reflects your needs, constraints and artistic taste.

3. Selecting The Works

We will offer you a selection of artworks and will be available to help you choose the right ones for your company.

4. Submit Offer

Once you’ve made your choice, our art advisor will send you an offer for the artworks. With your approval, the art advisor will then send you the invoice and order the work on your behalf.

5. Follow Up

We take care of the free shipping and delivery of the artworks. Our art advisor will be available 7 days a week to answer your questions.

Whether you're working on residential, hospitality or commercial projects, our advisory team will assist you in finding the perfect piece.

 Try the artwork out at home or office for free for 14 days

You have 14 days to find the perfect spot for your artwork. 



Payment Methods 


Invoice / Direct Debit / Paypall  - All Prices incl. VAT. and shipping costs  -14 days right of withdrawal

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